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Tropical North Queensland
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Grassland Melomys , Banana Rat , Tree Rat.
Melomys burtoni
Mammal Family :"Rodents"
Description :Common. Body 100mm ; Tail 120mm; Weight 55g. Native rat, reddish-brown in colour, nocturnal. Eats sugar cane (pest), seed, fruits and insects. Common size of litter is 2 to 3. Body size and colour varies between it's distribution.
Typical Habitat :Prefers tall grasslands of the coast, sedgelands, woodland and grassy patches in rainforest. Builds it's nest in long grass or thick vegetation, 20-30cm in diameter often with two entrances.
Distribution :Two areas. From western Cape York around the coast down to Sydney. The other is from the Fitzroy River W.A. to the Roper River NT
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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