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Tropical North Queensland
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Brown Tree Snake
Boiga irregularis
Family :"Rear-fanged Snakes"
Description :Length 2m. Slender body, large head. Brown with ragged-edged darker crossbands, belly cream to orange. Ready biter, weakly venomous with small fanges set at rear of mouth. Preys on birds(those in small cages) and small mammals. Layes up to 12 eggs.
Typical Habitat :Nocturnal and arboreal, frequently forages on the ground. Found in rainforest, mangroves, paperbark swamps, open forest, farmed areas and coastal heaths. Shelters in tree hollows, hollow logs, buildings, caves and rock crevices.
Distribution :Coast and adjacent areas of northern and eastern Australia.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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