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PUBLIC NOTICE: Important Changes to Recreational Use Black Weir

The extended speed limit restriction in Zone C (6 knot area) will be removed from Tuesday 28 May. This increases the 40knot section of Zone B to its original length prior to the implementation of the restriction in December 2017. Up to six water ski vessels at any time will permitted within Zone B.

Updated information and mapping reflecting this change will be updated to the Council website and further below on this page in the near future.
PUBLIC NOTICE: No Tubing within the Black Weir
At the direction of Maritime Safety Queensland:

  • A person (an operator) must not operate a ship towing an uncontrolled water-skiing device, including but not limited to, a toboggan, tube or sea-biscuit. Applies to all zones within Black Weir.

  • See No. 2 within the Marine Safety Notice below.


    Loam Island

    (Zone A)

    Loam Island

    (Zone B)

    9am-10am 1234 5678910
    10am-11am 11121314 151617181920
    11am-12pm 21222324 252627282930
    12pm-1pm 31323334 353637383940
    1pm-2pm 41424344 454647484950
    2pm-3pm 51525354 555657585960
    3pm-4pm 61626364 656667686970
    4pm-5pm 71727374 757677787980
    5pm-6pm 81828384 858687888990


    Black Weir Marine Use Rules

    Black Weir Zoning Plan Map
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