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Tropical North Queensland
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chinee apple
Ziziphus mauritiana

Ziziphus mauritiana (Leaf)

Plant Family :Rhamnaceae
Plant Form :shrub/tree
Growth Habit :Low spreading shrubby tree 6-8m high, densely branched from ground level, branches zigzag with a leaf and thorn at each angle.
Fruiting Season :Flowering period. December.
Description :Introduced. First recored in the Torres Straits in 1863 and Townsville in 1916, well established around the old gold mining towns. Flowers are a minor source of pollen and honey, fruits have a pleasant acid flavour when fully ripe.
Distribution :Central and north QLD., also north west W.A.
Weed Status :Category P3. areas of infestation are to be reduced. Infestations produce impenetrable thickets which hamper stock management and property productivity.
Introduced :Yes
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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