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Tropical North Queensland
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kangaroo grass
Themeda triandra  (Themeda australis)
Plant Family :Poaceae
Plant Form :grass
Growth Habit :Tufted perennial grass up to 150cm tall, stem joints hairless, plants otfen highly coloured, changing from blue green or pale green during growth to reddish brown at maturity.
Description :Before European settlement it was possibly a dominant grass over large areas and has been replaced by Black Speargrass owing to a combination of fire and grazing.
Distribution :Common local species. Most widespread native grass, ranging from seasonal watercoures in central Australia to altitudes of 1500m in the Australian Alps and from P.N.G. to Tasmania, also widespread throughout the World.
Weed Status :The presence of Kangaroo grass indicates relatively low stocking levels as it is very palatable to stock and easily grazed out.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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