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Tropical North Queensland
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Soft Roly Poly
Salsola kali
Plant Family :Chenopodiaceae
Plant Form :herb
Growth Habit :Dense, bright green, rounded, annual, woody based herb, .6-1m high, width similar to its height, succulent when fresh.
Fruiting Season :Flowers, spring to summer.
Description :Occurs mainly as a weed of disturbed ground, often disappears after two years as old plants often break off at the base and blow away intact. Is an indicator of saline and alkaline soils.
Distribution :Widespread in all mainland states, in somewhate saline areas, with a wide range of soils from clay pans to sandy beaches.
Weed Status :Young plants have been responsible for oxalate poisoning in travelling sheep and cattle.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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