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Tropical North Queensland
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sandpaper fig
Ficus opposita

Photo courtesy of Keith Townsend.
Ficus opposita (Leaf)

Plant Family :Moraceae
Plant Form :shrub/tree
Growth Habit :Shrub/tree 3-8m high often deciduous, no aerial roots.
Fruiting Season :July to February.
Description : Leaves have been used as sandpaper. Infusion from inner bark used as an eyewash and to treat diarrhoea, infusion from leaves used to treat influenza, fevers, muscular aches and skin rashes. Warmed leaves for swelling and the latex used to treat ringworm.
Distribution :Common local species. Across northern Australia on rainforest margins, in scrub and along creek banks.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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