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Tropical North Queensland
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Salmon Creek
Cape Cleveland (Including Cungulla - Bowling Bay Coastal Complex)
Townsville Shire
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        Cape Cleveland (map reference: 199)
        Other Map References ..
        63.  West Cape Cleveland swamp - Long Beach
        68.  Whites Creek - Nome
        69.  Alligator Creek - above Bruce highway
        70.  Muller's lagoon - Alligator Creek
        71.  Alligator Creek - below highway to above weir
        72.  Alligator Creek - below weir to mouth
        73.  Killymoon Creek - above highway
        176.  Cungulla "Town Common" - Cungulla
        177.  Dune wetland - Cungulla
        178.  Freshwater Dams - adjacent to Mt Elliot
        179.  Freshwater swamps - Cape Cleveland to Cungulla
        202.  Alligator Creek Catchment
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