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Tropical North Queensland
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"Riparian Melaleuca leucadendra/Eucalyptus tereticornis forest/woodland"
Riparian vine thicket closed forest

Land Form : Stream bank 
RE Codes :11.3.25,11.3.4
Habitat Locations : Cromarty Wetlands
Cape Cleveland (Including Cungulla - Bowling Bay Coastal Complex)

Magnetic Island
Magnetic Island

Mount Elliot
Alligator Creek Catchment

Ross River
Ross Creek And Ross River Catchment

Stuart Creek
Stuart Creek Catchment

?? unspecified Thuringowa Area

      Additional info ..locations seen (6)  ..   vegetation (120)  ..   mammals (8)  ..   birds (44)  ..   reptiles/frogs (11)  ..    
      RE codes = Bio-regional Ecosystem codes (Environmental Protection Agency - Queensland)

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