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Tropical North Queensland
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Brachiaria closed grassland
Rowes Bay

Pallarenda (Including Town Common)
Townsville Shire
Biogeographic Region :Brigalow Belt (North)
Landform Pattern/Element :Swales, between deeper wetland and dryland areas.
Structure Composition :May be associated with Melaleuca forest. Forms dense swards.
Upper Stratum :Scattered Melaleuca dealbata and Melaleuca viridiflora
Av. Height (Upper Stratum) :10m
% Cover (Upper Stratum) :<5%
Mid Stratum :none
Ground Stratum :Brachiaria mutica dominant. Paspalum vaginatum and Cyperus species in patches.
Av. Height (Ground Stratum) :0.5m
% Cover (Ground Stratum) :100%
Soil :Soils usually not saline.

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