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Tropical North Queensland
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Habitat Location .. detailed information
Majors Creek - upper catchment

Reid-Haughton River Catchment (Including Majors Creek Catchment)
Burdekin Shire
Grid Reference No :DU931341
Wetland Type Classification :Simple wetland aggregation
Biogeographic Region :Brigalow Belt (North)
Ecological System/Subsystem :Riverine/Intermittent
Class/Subclass :Streambed/Sand
Dominance Type :Melaleuca leucadendra
Water Regime :Seasonally flooded
Water Chemistry :Fresh
Soil :Mineral
Associated Vegetation :Nauclea orientalis, Corymbia tessellaris, Panicum maximum
Size :channel ~ <15m
Management Issues :water harvesting,weeds, agricultural pollutants
Conservation Value :High

Recommended Actions :
  1. Consult DNR re: sustainable harvest levels from creek and groundwater.

  2. Implement water quality monitoring program.

  3. Assist/facilitate riparian landholders with noxious weed control.


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