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Tropical North Queensland
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Dune wetland - Cungulla

Cape Cleveland (Including Cungulla - Bowling Bay Coastal Complex)
Townsville Shire
Grid Reference No :EU093523
Wetland Type Classification :Simple wetland aggregation
Biogeographic Region :Brigalow Belt (North)
Ecological System/Subsystem :Palustrine
Class/Subclass :Emergent/Vegetated pioneer
Dominance Type :Stachytarpheta jamaicensis
Water Regime :Seasonally flooded
Water Chemistry :Fresh
Soil :Organic
Associated Vegetation :Stylosanthes humilis, Sesbania cannabina
Size :lagoon ~ 500m x 30m
Management Issues :Weeds, grazing, fire
Conservation Value :Medium-High

Recommended Actions :
  1. Ensure retention of lagoons and buffers as part of any proposed subdivision.

  2. Avoid overt modification to hydrology of lagoons (e.g. canalisation, dredging etc)

  3. Better determine the viability of such wetland systems to support waterfowl.

  4. Facilitate weed management plan and replanting program.


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