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Tropical North Queensland
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Habitat Location .. detailed information
Muller's lagoon - Alligator Creek

Alligator Creek Catchment
Townsville Shire
Grid Reference No :DU974590
Wetland Type Classification :Simple Wetland Aggregation
Biogeographic Region :Brigalow Belt (North)
Ecological System/Subsystem :Palustrine
Class/Subclass :Emergent/Persistent
Dominance Type :Schoenoplectus validus
Water Regime :Unknown
Water Chemistry :Mixohaline (brackish)
Soil :Organic
Special Modifiers :Dyked
Associated Vegetation :Sporobolus virginicus, Pseudoraphis spinescens
Size :> 10ha
Management Issues :Cattle grazing, control of noxious weeds, fish habitat connectivity
Conservation Value :High

Recommended Actions :
  1. Investigate protection of natural values with landholder.

  2. Facilitate/assist landholder with noxious weed control.

  3. Further investigate importance of site as fish habitat.


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