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Tropical North Queensland
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Ross River - reservoir to Blacks weir

Ross Creek And Ross River Catchment
Townsville Shire
Grid Reference No :DU719598
Wetland Type Classification :Simple wetland aggregation
Biogeographic Region :Brigalow Belt (North)
Ecological System/Subsystem :Riverine/Lower Perennial
Class/Subclass :Unconsolidated Bottom/Mud
Dominance Type :Typha domingensis
Water Regime :Permanently flooded
Water Chemistry :Fresh
Soil :Organic
Special Modifiers :Dyked/Impounded
Associated Vegetation :Nelumbo nucifera, Utricularia gibba?, Hydrilla verticillata, Nymphaea gigantea
Size :channel ~ <40m
Management Issues :Urbanisation, weeds, stormwater
Conservation Value :Medium-High

Recommended Actions :
  1. Maintain riparian zones (i.e. do not allow further development to river edge)

  2. Implement rehabilitation programs (e.g. reinstatement of riparian vegetation) and support complimentary community initiatives.

  3. Implement water quality monitoring program for the river.

  4. Identify significant contaminant input sources and install pollution mitigation devices.


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