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Tropical North Queensland
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Eastern Cave Bat ,Troughton's Eptesicus
Vespadelus troughtoni  (Eptesicus troughtoni)
Mammal Family :"Evening Bats"
Description :Rare, little of its biology is understood and few records of it exist. Weight 4-7g ; forearm 33-37mm. It's call has a frequency of 62-46kHz in 8 milliseconds. Very manoeuvrable in flight with many twist and turns.
Typical Habitat :Cave dweller, roost sites are in reasonably well-lit areas, from caves to sandstone overhangs, mine tunnels and sometimes in buildings. Found in eucalypt woodland, open forest. Aviods rainforest but can be found in it's margins.
Distribution :From the peaks of the Great Dividing Range east to the coast and offshore islands. Cape York to mid N.S.W.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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