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Tropical North Queensland
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Masked Lapwing ,Spur-winged Plover ,Wattled Plover
Vanellus miles

Photo courtesy of Ian Clayton

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia
Bird Family :"Plovers"
Description :Common local species. Length 38cm. Two subspecies occur and overlap, in local area, the northern Masked Lapwing (common) and southern Spur-winged Plover, interbreeding occurs. Breeding pairs are very territorial and will vigorously defend their nest site.
Typical Habitat :Grassland, urban areas, mud flats and intertidal areas.
Distribution :Common to eastern Australia.
Migration :Resident / locally nomadic / breeding. Main breeding season, November to July, variable.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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