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Tropical North Queensland
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Brush-tailed possum , Silver-grey Possum
Trichosurus vulpecula

Photo courtesy of Garrie Douglas
Mammal Family :"Brush-tail Possums"
Description :Most common marsupial in eastern Australia. Its size and colour varies, from a short-haired, copper colour in east QLD. to a larger woolly, black to grey colour in Tasmania, but generally silver- grey above with a white to pale grey belly.
Typical Habitat :It is most common in cities and rare in arid central Australia. An arboreal, nocturnal animal it generally occurs where there are trees, especially in open forest and woodlands
Distribution :Trichosurus vulpecula eburacensis, Cape York. Trichosurus vulpecula johnsoni, central eastern Queensland.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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