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Tropical North Queensland
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Coastal Sheathtail Bat
Taphozous australis
Mammal Family :"Sheathtail-Bats"
Description :Rare. Forearm length 63-67mm ; Weight 30-50g. Males have a distinct throat pouch. At nightfall, beetles and other insects are hunted. Roosts in sea caves, rock fissures, boulder piles and abandoned bulidings. Individuals roost separately.
Typical Habitat :Found within a kilometer from the ocean, in dune scrubs and coastal paperbark swamps and mangroves, where it forages just above the canopy. Has been seen 2km offshore, feeding over the sea.
Distribution :Cape York to north of Rockhampton.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes
NCA :Vulnerable

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