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Tropical North Queensland
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Yellow-bellied Sheathtail-bat
Saccolaimus flaviventris
Mammal Family :"Sheathtail-Bats"
Description :Rare.Body 87mm ; Tail 35mm ; Forearm 80mm ; Weight 60g ; Body, shiny jet-black with white to pale yellow belly. Solitary, with occasional colonies of less than 10. Migrates for winter.
Typical Habitat :Dry eucalypt forest, open woodland, farmland and mangroves. In eucalypt forest it feeds above the canopy. Roosts in tree hollows and dead truncks also animal burrows, cracks in clay banks and under rock slabs.
Distribution :Most of mainland Australia, except southern W.A. and arid parts of S.A.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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