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Tropical North Queensland
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Bush Rat , Allied Rat
Rattus fuscipes
Mammal Family :"Rodents"
Description :Common. Body 160mm ; Tail 150mm ; Weight 120g ; Fur brown-grey. Nocturnal. Of the native rats, it's the most insectivorous, also eats fungi, grass, lilies, fruits and seeds. Litter size of 5. Nest in burrows.
Typical Habitat :Forested coast and ranges, moist gullies and creek verges. Prefers undergrowth of shrubs and ferns.
Distribution :Coastal in four areas. Cooktown to Townsville; Rockhampton to western Victoria; Portland Vic., to Eyre Peninsula; South-western W.A.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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