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Tropical North Queensland
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Long-nosed Bandicoot
Perameles nasuta
Mammal Family :"Bandicoots"
Description :Common.Body 40cm;Tail 14cm;Weight1.5kg;Colour sandy-brown.Solitary,nocturnal and omnivorous.Females have a pouch, with a litter size of usually 2 to 3.Nest is a shallow hole lined with grass and leaves,when occupied the entrance is closed and hidden.
Typical Habitat :Rainforest and moist gullies in the north to grassy woodland in the south. When foraging for insects and succulent plant material, it will dig small conical holes in suburban lawns and gardens. Makes a shrill, grunt-like squeak while foraging.
Distribution :East coast, from south of Ravenshoe.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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