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Tropical North Queensland
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Pandion haliaetus

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia
Bird Family :"Hawks"
Description :Common local species. Length 65cm. Male is smaller. Large fishing hawk, patrols over water. Nest in exposed positions, at the top of a Pine tree or on a large rock, the nest is a massive tower of sticks that is added to over many years.
Typical Habitat :Mangroves, rivers and estuaries, inland seas and coastal islands. Soars on long, angled bowed wings. Call is plaintive whistles.
Distribution :Moderately common to uncommon around the coast.
Migration :Resident / breeding. Breeding pairs are spaced regularly along the coast (Town Common and Magnetic Island ). Shelly Beach is the best place to see one fishing. Main breeding season, May to October.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes
EPBC :Migratory

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      EPBC = Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (Commonwealth)

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