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Tropical North Queensland
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Large-footed Myotis , Large-footed Mouse-eared Bat
Myotis adversus  (Myotis macropus)
Mammal Family :"Evening Bats"
Description :Rare. Body 56mm ; Tail 4cm ; Forearm 4cm ; Weight 10g ; Fur grey-brown, older bats are ginger coloured. Colonies are close to water. Rakes water surface with long feet to catch aquatic insects and small fish. Forages over freashwater and tidal areas.
Typical Habitat :Rainforest, open woodland and mangroves.
Distribution :Clockwise around the coast, from the Kimberley's W.A. to Mt. Gambier S.A.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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