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Tropical North Queensland
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Common Bent Wing Bat , Large Bebtwing Bat , Schreibers' Bat
Miniopterus schreibersii
Mammal Family :"Evening Bats"
Description :Common. Weight 10-20g ; Forearm 45-50mm. Shares nursery roost with Little Bentwing Bat. Eats insects and is preyed upon by owls, pythons, feral cats and wild dogs. Because of it's dependance on a few nursery cave sites, may place it's survival in dout.
Typical Habitat :Well timbered valleys, rainforest, open forest and mangroves.
Distribution :A coastal belt from Cape York down to Victoria and eastern South Australia. With another subspecies in northern W.A. and Top End of NT
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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