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Tropical North Queensland
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Common Wallaroo , Hill Kangaroo , Biggada , Euro ,Walla
Macropus robustus

Photo courtesy of Garrie Douglas
Mammal Family :"Kangaroos and Wallabies"
Description :Abundant. Body 58-108cm ; Tail 55-90cm ; Weight 7-46kg. Males are usually twice the weight and a 1/4 bigger than females. Male upper body is black mixed with rusty-red, female upper body is blue-grey with some rusty-red.
Typical Habitat :Steep escarpments, rocky hills, grasslands and open forest cover on hills. Tends to spend most of the day in rocky hillsides, moving into open grasslands and crops in the late afternoon or evening.
Distribution :Mainland Australia except western Cape York, Victora and extreme south of S.A. and W.A.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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