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Tropical North Queensland
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Northern Brown Bandicoot , Brindled Bandicoot
Isoodon macrourus
Mammal Family :"Bandicoots"
Description :Common. Body 400mm ; Tail 170mm (often bitten off by other bandicoots) ; Weight 2kg. Has a humped posture,forefeet with only 3 toes, with jerky movements. Omnivorous, perfers insects,spiders and earthworms, will eat berries, seeds and sugar cane.
Typical Habitat :Grassland, woodland, open forest, outer suburbs and will venture into rainforest. Prefers low ground cover, tall grass and dense shrubbery.
Distribution :Coastal areas from northern W.A., N.T., QLD. to mid coast N.S.W.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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