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Tropical North Queensland
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Whistling Kite
Haliastur sphenurus

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia

Photo courtesy www.birdway.com.au (by prior agreement)
Bird Family :"Hawks"
Description :Common local species. Length 60cm. Wingspan 145cm. Often found near water,it likes to feed on the ground and has a taste for dead fish.Eats fish,carrion,small birds and animals.Call is long descending ' seeo ' followed by a upward staccato 'si-si-si-si'.
Typical Habitat :Woodland, plains, creeks, swamps and seashores.
Distribution :Common Australia wide.
Migration :Resident / breeding. Most common raptor in North Queensland, except for the Black Kite. Main breeding season, March to October, variable.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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