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Tropical North Queensland
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Brahminy kite
Haliastur indus

Photo Courtesy of Birdway Australia

Photo courtesy www.birdway.com.au (by prior agreement)
Bird Family :"Hawks"
Description :Common local species. Length 60cm. Wingspan 125cm. Distinctive, slow soaring kite. Flight is plain and practical. Takes it's name from India, where it's common among rice paddies. Eats fish, crustaceans and carrion. Call is a plaintive ' pee-ah-ah-ah '.
Typical Habitat :Coastal mud flats, mangroves, harbours and offshore islands.
Distribution :Uncommon, around the northern coastline, from Shark Bay W.A. to Newcastle N.S.W.
Migration :Resident / breeding (May-September). Sedentary species and each dry season, builds its nest in the same tree each year. Nests are more concealed than the Osprey's, often in mangroves, Hoop pines or Melaleucas. At least 6 pairs nest around Magnetic Island.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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