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Tropical North Queensland
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Australian Hobby , Little Falcon
Falco longipennis

Photo Courtesy of www.birdway.com.au (by prior agreement)
Bird Family :"Falcons"
Description :Uncommon local species. Length 35cm. Can catch a bird in each foot while swooping through a flock of finches, also eats insects. Call is a rapid shrill chatter, also a loud chuckling. Falcons are affected by pesticides, causing eggshell thinning.
Typical Habitat :Open forest, woodland, scrub and urban areas.
Distribution :Common Australia wide. Falco longipennis murchisonianus is endemic, only recorded in Australia.
Migration :Resident, several pairs breed in wooded parts of Townsville. Main breeding season, September to November.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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