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Tropical North Queensland
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Saltwater Crocodile , Estuarine Crocodile
Crocodylus porosus
Family :"Crocodiles"
Description :Vulnerable, declared protected in 1974. Up to 5m in length with a broad snout and powerful tail for swimming. Young feed on insects, crustaceans and fish. Adults eat crustaceeans, fish, mammals and birds.
Typical Habitat :Coastal rivers, freshwater swamps and lagoons, tidal areas and mangroves. Sometimes seen in the open sea and beaches. Nest is a large mound of vegetation and soil, found near brackish or freshwater. The eggs are hard shelled and can number up to 60.
Distribution :Northern Australia, from the Kimberley's to Rockhampton.
Introduced :No
Seen North Qld :  Yes
NCA :Vulnerable

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