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Tropical North Queensland
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Cane Toad
Bufo marinus
Family :"Toads"
Description :Introduced. Large to 20cm. Brown with warty skin.Large glands which secrete toxin,behind ears.Competes with native fauna for shelter, food and breeding sites.Is a threat to the environment.Tadpoles swim in schools are black with rotund bodies,short tails.
Typical Habitat :Widespread. Mating call sounds like a small pertol engine. Juveniles are grey to dark grey with burnt orange tips to warts. Similar looking species are Mash Frogs, Toadlets and Eastern Snapping-frog. Breeds in any still or slow moving waters.
Distribution :Coast and hinterland of eastern QLD., down to northern N.S.W., is moving west each year into western QLD. and NT
Introduced :Yes
Seen North Qld :  Yes

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