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Tropical North Queensland
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  Common Name  Scientific Name  Family 
  1)  Western Quoll Inland form Dasyurus geoffroii geoffroii?? (Mammal)detailed information
  2)  Spotted-tailed quoll North Queensland form Dasyurus maculatus gracilis?? (Mammal)detailed information
  3)  Rufous Spiny Bandicoot Cape York Peninsula form Echymipera rufescens australis?? (Mammal)detailed information
  4)  Northern Brown Bandicoot Eastern form Isoodon macrourus torosus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  5)  Southern Brown Bandicoot Cape York Peninsula form Isoodon obesulus peninsulae?? (Mammal)detailed information
  6)  Spectacled Hare-wallaby Mainland form Lagorchestes conspicillatus pallidior?? (Mammal)detailed information
  7)  Eastern Grey Kangaroo Mainland form Macropus giganteus giganteus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  8)  Common Wallaroo Eastern form Macropus robustus robustus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  9)  Red-necked wallaby Mainland form Macropus rufogriseus banksianus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  10)  Northern Myotis Myotis moluccarum?? (Mammal)detailed information
  11)  Eastern Long-eared Bat Pallid form Nyctophilus bifax bifax?? (Mammal)detailed information
  12)  Yellow-bellied Glider Central coast form Petaurus australis australis?? (Mammal)detailed information
  13)  Yellow-bellied Glider North Queensland form Petaurus australis reginae?? (Mammal)detailed information
  14)  Black-footed Rock-wallaby Western Queensland form Petrogale lateralis purpureicollis?? (Mammal)detailed information
  15)  Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby Grey Range form Petrogale xanthopus celeris?? (Mammal)detailed information
  16)  Brush-tailed Phascogale Northern form Phascogale tapoatafa pirata?? (Mammal)detailed information
  17)  Large-eared Horseshoe-bat Australian form Rhinolophus philippinensis robertsi?? (Mammal)detailed information
  18)  Bare-rumped Sheathtail-bat Australian form Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  19)  Common Spotted Cuscus Cape York Peninsula form Spilocuscus maculatus nudicaudatus?? (Mammal)detailed information
  20)  Rufous Spiny Bandicoot Echymipera rufescensBandicootsdetailed information
  21)  Northern Brown Bandicoot , Brindled Bandicoot Isoodon macrourusBandicootsdetailed information
locations seen (12)  ..   habitats seen (7)  ..  
  22)  Southern Brown Bandicoot Isoodon obesulusBandicootsdetailed information
  23)  Greater Bilby Macrotis lagotisBandicootsdetailed information
  24)  Long-nosed Bandicoot Perameles nasutaBandicootsdetailed information
habitats seen (1)  ..  
  25)  Rufous Bettong , Rufous Rat-kangaroo , Kangaroo Rat Aepyprymnus rufescensBettongsdetailed information
locations seen (3)  ..   habitats seen (1)  ..  
  26)  Northern Bettong Bettongia tropicaBettongsdetailed information
  27)  Desert Rat-Kangaroo Caloprymnus campestrisBettongsdetailed information
  28)  Musky Rat-Kangaroo Hypsiprymnodon moschatusBettongsdetailed information
  29)  Long-nosed Potoroo Potorous tridactylusBettongsdetailed information
  30)  Southern Common Cuscus Phalanger intercastellanusBrush-tail Possumsdetailed information
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