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Tropical North Queensland
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  Common Name  Scientific Name  Family 
  31)  Common Spotted Cuscus Spilocuscus maculatusBrush-tail Possumsdetailed information
  32)  Mountain Brushtail Possum Trichosurus caninusBrush-tail Possumsdetailed information
 expand image 33)  Brush-tailed possum , Silver-grey Possum Trichosurus vulpeculaBrush-tail Possumsdetailed information
locations seen (17)  ..   habitats seen (6)  ..  
  34)  Common Brushtail Possum Eastern mainland form Trichosurus vulpecula arnhemensisBrush-tail Possumsdetailed information
  35)  One-humped Camel Camelus dromedariusCamelsdetailed information
  36)  Cat Felis catusCatsdetailed information
locations seen (8)  ..   habitats seen (3)  ..  
  37)  Kultarr Antechinomys lanigerDasyuridsdetailed information
  38)  Yellow-footed Antechinus , Yellow-footed Marsupial Mouse Antechinus flavipesDasyuridsdetailed information
habitats seen (1)  ..  
  39)  Yellow-footed antechinus North Queensland form Antechinus flavipes rubeculusDasyuridsdetailed information
  40)  Atherton Antechinus Antechinus godmaniDasyuridsdetailed information
  41)  Cinnamon Antechinus Antechinus leoDasyuridsdetailed information
  42)  Brown Antechinus Antechinus stuartiiDasyuridsdetailed information
  43)  Brown Antechinus North Queensland form Antechinus stuartii adustusDasyuridsdetailed information
  44)  Brown Antechinus Central southeast form Antechinus stuartii stuartiiDasyuridsdetailed information
  45)  Dusky Antechinus Antechinus swainsoniiDasyuridsdetailed information
  46)  Dusky Antechinus Southeast mainland form Antechinus swainsonii mimetesDasyuridsdetailed information
  47)  Mulgara Dasycercus cristicaudaDasyuridsdetailed information
  48)  Kowari Dasyuroides byrneiDasyuridsdetailed information
  49)  Western Quoll Dasyurus geoffroiiDasyuridsdetailed information
  50)  Northern Quoll , Little Native Cat Dasyurus hallucatusDasyuridsdetailed information
locations seen (1)  ..   habitats seen (2)  ..  
  51)  Spotted-tailed Quoll , Tiger Cat , Spotted-tailed Native Cat Dasyurus maculatusDasyuridsdetailed information
  52)  Wongai Ningaui Ningaui rideiDasyuridsdetailed information
  53)  Brush-tailed Phascogale Phascogale tapoatafaDasyuridsdetailed information
  54)  Giles' Planigale Planigale gilesiDasyuridsdetailed information
  55)  Long-tailed Planigale Planigale ingramiDasyuridsdetailed information
  56)  Common Planigale , Pygmy Marsupial Mouse Planigale maculataDasyuridsdetailed information
locations seen (2)  ..   habitats seen (2)  ..  
  57)  Narrow-nosed Planigale Planigale tenuirostrisDasyuridsdetailed information
  58)  Chestnut Dunnart Sminthopsis archeriDasyuridsdetailed information
  59)  Fat-tailed Dunnart Sminthopsis crassicaudataDasyuridsdetailed information
  60)  Julia Creek Dunnart Sminthopsis douglasiDasyuridsdetailed information
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